Ульяна Завьялова

International Encaustic Artists (IEA) member




I have a passion for the arts as well as a passion for science. Both Art and Science are human attempts to understand the world around us and then share that Information. However Art has an advantage to give us the excitement of all possibilities and makes us infinite..
When i’m involved in the art making process, i feel really alive in the present moment, i feel awakened.
In my work i’m especially interested in study of the question: “What makes something beautiful?“ The world is filled with beauty on very different levels — from the distribution of galaxies in space till structures of cells observing by electron microscopy. I’m happy cause i can see it but how our brain recognize beauty in completely different objects, matters and phenomenons ?..
Much of my paintings are inspired by natural science and naturally occurring patterns and shapes. Fractals, self-similarity and self-organisation of complex matter, metamorphosis and power of natural life always offer fuel for my imagination.


I focus on Encaustic as this is as versatile as any painting medium. Encaustic is unique because painting can be done in translucent layers, it has a luminous quality not found in any other medium. I enjoy exploring the tactile properties and smell of the wax and make various experiments combining wax with oil and pastel colors, creating 3D textures with encapsulated materials and textiles.


Ulyana Zavyalova