Ecological art is a genre in the field of contemporary art that began in response to the global environmental crisis. This art merges an aesthetic, informative and educational art that strives to promote environmental awareness and community involvement in environmental restoration in nature.
As i teach ecology i read a lot about recent environmental research and Earth & Environment news. I must admit it is frustrating that after decades of growing evidence and concrete proposals for addressing greenhouse gas emissions, government policy still lags far behind what is necessary to avert potentially catastrophic global warming. Through my paintings I try to raise awareness in society of the importance of rational use of natural resources and human damage to the environment as a result of consumption.


“Dead zones”
Dead zones are caused by oxygen-depleting factors which include human pollution. Oxygen levels become depleted to the point that the area cannot support marine life, and sea creatures must swim to other waters or die… As fertilizer use and factory farming increase, we are creating dead zones faster than nature can recover. Nearly all ocean dead zones will increase by the end of the century! 💀🕳💦

“Anabiosis under Permafrost”
Super-long anabiosis of ancient microorganisms and viable bacterial cells in ice and permafrost is quite a scary fact now when permafrost is melting much too fast.

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