I have a passion for ART as well as a passion for SCIENCE. Both art and science have their sources in creativity, imagination, and experience of intrinsic beauty in completely different objects, matters, and phenomena. Both art and science are human attempts to understand the world around us and then share that information.


physical chemist / teacher / experimental encaustic artist in Berlin, Germany


My style is biomorphic abstraction inspired by microcosm, self-assembly and self-organization of complex matter. The motivation is to capture, understand and share the beauty and harmony learned in nature.


I focus on Encaustic as this is most versatile of all the painting mediums.
Encaustic is unique because painting can be done in translucent layers with luminous quality not found in any other medium. 
I enjoy doing experiments with beeswax and mixed media creating 3D textures with encapsulated materials and textiles.


International Encaustic Artist (IEA) member since 2017
Curriculum vitae available upon request.
Exhibitions in 2020


  • 3-th Expo-Metro in September 2020, Paris
  • Online International exhibition and competition EncausticToday/ Gallery
  • Eco-Art-Fest in 2020, Russia
  • 4-th Expo-Metro in October 2020, Berlin, Alexanderplatz